बेहद खूबसूरत है ये आइलैंड, फिर भी कोई टूरिस्ट नहीं जाना चाहता यहां


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There are more than one beautiful island in the world, where there is a gathering of tourists all year round. But there are some islands which are very beautiful, but after this, they do not like going to tourists. Located in Naples, Italy, Gallo Island is also one of them. It has very clean waters and extremely beautiful views around it. This part of earth is very beautiful, but still people are afraid to go here. People are scared because of this …

 These islands came to be festooned since, when something went wrong with the people who bought it.
 The buyer either killed him, or he sued or he became bankrupt.
 Since then, this island was considered to be an unlikely place and people’s passions here have been reduced considerably.

So much happened to people

 Since the beginning of the 19th century, this island’s pedestal has started. Then bought it by Luigi Dinergerry. But after buying it his fish farming business failed and they were ruined.
Its bed liner continued in the 1920s when its owner Hans Braun was killed and his wife drowned in the sea. The business of German steel industrialist Baron Carl Paul also ended after buying it.
 After purchasing it, the only son of Fiat’s head Guinea Agnellus had succumbed to it. The grandson of billionaire oil trader Paul Gatty has been kidnapped.
The last owner of this island, Gianpakkale Grapeon, was the owner of an insurance vibration. Who had to go to jail due to borrowing.
 At present, the island is owned by Campania Region Authorities. Those who have tried to build a safe sea area by creating a guilla underwater park here.