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5 Top Scholarship Websites You Must Visit

If you are on the lookout for a scholarship then there are some websites that you should not miss out on.

The sites I am going to briefly mention of this article have been hand chosen by me as they have proved particularly useful in my search for a scholarship some time ago.

These top scholarship websites are professionally run and accredited and provide reliable, up to date information about opportunities for any person, regardless of where you are from or what your future plans are.

I list these websites in no particular order.

This is the authority scholarship website. You can find just about any grant and scholarship opportunity imaginable here, as well as student loan information. Do not miss this one.

2. – American Association of University Women
This organization awards small grants to women in the $ 750- $ 1,500 range. You must be studying in San Diego to receive these scholarships.

3. – AFCEA Educational Foundation
On this site you will find various programs including:
– Graduate
– Undergraduate
– Military Personnel
– Working Students

African American Scholarships are the focus of this website. You will also find information about internship opportunities.

The retail giant Target offers scholarships and grants and information can be found on their website. This is great opportunity to get your foot in the door of a fantastic employer.

These are 5 of the very top scholarships websites that you should visit as soon as possible to discover scholarships opportunities that you can sign up for right away!

Source by Ruby Houston

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