All About Coastal Seafood


What could be better than a glass of white wine, an outdoor deck, and a dinner of coastal seafood? Whether salmon, shellfish, cod or prawns, seafood is fresh and natural, healthy and satisfying. It is the best of all things gourmet. It is easy to prepare and always a crowd favorite; it is easily combined with other foods, and gladly consumed by friends and family alike. However, conservation efforts are a must, in order to preserve the pristine natural environment, and to keep seafood amply available for the generations to come.

Full of natural succulence, most seafood requires very little preparation, in terms of garnishes and marinades. Of course one can baste and soak to their hearts content, but if time is of the essence and a healthy, delicious meal needs to be cooked ASAP, plank grilling a lemon-drizzled Sockeye Salmon will get you loads of accolades and leave you with very little to clean-up. Prefer shellfish? Try a version of Barbecue Shrimp and leave your family licking their fingers. Bake two pounds of Alaska Spot Prawns with butter, cayenne pepper, press garlic cloves, Worcestershire, and salt and pepper to taste, at 350 for 5-8 minutes.

Important to coastal seafood and its future are sustainable practices, which are well in place in the case of the state of Alaska. The state has created a number of marine protected areas (MPAs) with aims to protect ecological structure and function, establish control sites for scientific research studies, conserve benthic habitat, protect vulnerable stocks and protect cultural resources. In some MPA's fishing is limited to quotas, whereas in other areas commercial fishing is not allowed at all.

While everyone loves a delectable dinner of coastal seafood, without conservation efforts, sea life will quickly diminish. Fortunately states like Alaska are taking charge and leading the way with stringent and sustainable fisheries management systems. It is no wonder that customers ask for Alaskan seafood by name: it is wild, natural, and sustainable!

Source by Allie Moxley