Aquaculture system promises eco-friendly fish farming future

July 20 – With very little water and no discharge, Israeli marine biologists say they have developed the world’s first environmentally friendly aquaculture system, using enclosed tanks to raise organic fish anywhere in the world. Grow Fish Anywhere plans to expand in Europe and the U.S. once they have settled a legal dispute with another group over adaptations to the patented technology. Jim Drury reports.


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  • Where can I get more info about this? I'm a shrimp farmer and I could use this in my farm. Can you provide a diagram of the whole process?
    Thank you

  • Aquaculture is the future.

  • That BULLSHIT, these fishes are in overpopulation, and I am sure they are fed with shit chemicals. We don't need that shit. Fish them properly, and respect quotas

  • You should offer this service to EVERY continent and not only Europe and US. Ive made countless queries on this but no help from this company.

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  • ok how do you do it is it the same as Aquaculture. including plants

  • Aquacultute rocks!

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  • we are interested and would lik more info.

  • who many fish in the tub

  • where it is possible to buy these tanks

  • Hope to in the $$ by 2013-2014
    it,s 2016 are they making money? I only see theses systems pre profit stage

  • Not food fish!!!! You try save in fish farm but idea fish tanked of want fish friend meet home is family . Or told go to fish shop givery 1 year baby … different fish and can other fish ( salt water or clear water no salt water ) – family make is happy home .

  • This is rightful Norwegian technology, we own it.

  • I have spent months researching into aquaponics and discovered an awesome resource at Keiths Ponics Site (check it out on google)

  • Fish from fish poo

  • hope to have a better power unit for you soon iam working on several systems new closed off shore cleaner pens and a Titanium solar laser reactor look up solar cells and laser technology white light generation not as good as your industry set and still in developments