Asthma and Fish Oil


People with severe asthma symptoms (asthmatics) need daily asthma medicine in order to control their attacks, and they often need emergency treatment when their attach is exercise induced. In the case of youngsters who like sports and other physical activities, their health condition is a barrier which brings them from enjoying their preferred lifestyle.

Asthma patients are often related to exercise because they know that there is a risk of it aggravating their asthma symptoms. In these cases the air passage swells or become inflamed however, some asthma patients still exercise because they know the body needs adequate exercise to function efficiently.

A recent University study has revealed that fish oil is a very effective remedy for asthma symptoms, especially those caused by overactivity or too much exercise. The study involved 16 asthma patients suffering mild symptoms to separate ones, they were given high doses of fish oil which contains fatty acids (Omega 3) which has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Before the fish oil was administrated, the asthma patients were first given efficiency tests and sputum samples were also taken and analyzed. The tests took note of the inflammatory cells and some marks. The same tests were conducted after the end of the study showing a 64% improvement in terms of lung efficiency. Reliance on asthma medication had also reduced by about 31%.

Omega 3 found in fish oil is very beneficial to asthma patients because of its anti-inflammatory properties. Omega 6 on the other hand can trigger the release of inflammatory chemicals, thereby resulting in asthma attacks. Therefore it is advisable for asthmatics to increase their consumption of Omega 3 or fish oil instead of consuming more vegetable oils, processed foods, dairy products, and meats which contain Omega 6 oils.

If asthma sufferers exercise during dry and cool conditions, they are more likely to experience asthma symptoms because the air passage is dry and chilled which results in the release of inflammatory chemicals which narrows the airways. Because swimming pools are typically warm and moist environments some doctors encourage swimming as a form of exercise for asthmatics.

So it is advisable to include fish oil in an asthmatic's daily supplements because of its therapeutic benefits, and to reduce future exercise-induced asthma attacks. Try to purchase only the pharmaceutical grade or best quality supplements of fish oil. Beware of fish oils of a lesser grade because they will probably contain harmful toxins.

Source by Andrew Coyle