Australian apartment developers offered an exit strategy


Australian apartment developers offered an exit strategy

Mortgagee Property Ltd (HK) is offering property developers an exit strategy as the Australian housing bubble bursts.

HONG KONG, CENTRAL, HK, November 14, 2016 / — With Chinese buyers starting to rescind on apartments, a Hong Kong based real estate marketing company specialising in Australian distressed real estate is offering property developers an exit strategy for unsold and settlement risk apartments (unsettled). The company is seeking distressed apartment stock to service a mammoth client list of bargain hunting property investors.

With warnings from the IMF, RBA, financial institutions and many respected economists such as Morgan Stanley, the Australian housing bubble is showing signs of collapsing and many Australian apartment developers are desperate to exit the market before the bubble bursts.

Settlement risk and apartment oversupply is compounding the lack of confidence in the Australian apartment market with property developers preparing for the worst outcome.

“Smaller mum and dad type property developers with unsold apartments that failed to settle or were never sold will become ‘Egyptian Stock’ when the property bubble bursts, that could send many property developers to his or hers financial tomb.” Said Scott O. Talbot, Australian founder of

In recent articles, off-the-plan apartment sales that fail to settle are confirmed by the Australian Taxation Office as secondhand apartments, lowering the resale price even further.

The Mortgagee Property Ltd member database holds more than 107,000 foreign and local property bargain hunters including private investors, wealthy families and companies, all of whom have registered this year to receive Australia real estate offerings under duress. Further said Scott O. Talbot

Australian property developers wishing to exit the Australian apartment market are invited to contact the Hong Kong office of Mortgagee Property Ltd.

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