Bakkafrost not associated with whaling


Bakkafrost not associated with whaling

10 Aug 2016

Bakkafrost has issued a statement confirming that none of the company’s fish farming activates are associated with whaling, and that there is no whale meat in its feed.

“The traditional killing of whales occurs occasionally in the Faroe Islands,” said the statement. “Whaling in the Faroe Islands is a community based, private activity, and is as such totally separated from the business activities of our fish farming industry.”

Bakkafrost has farming sites and activities all around the Faroe Islands and says it is the company’s responsibility to ensure a sustainable production and to minimise any negative impact that it could have on the environment and the wildlife. The company says that sustainability, quality and animal welfare is of the utmost importance.

Bakkafrost said that no boats or other assets owned by the company are utilised in whaling activities, and that employees are not allowed to participate in whaling activities during their work hours.

Source: worldfishing