Big carp fishing – Black Carp 7 kgs


Some of good fishing Gear Rod/Reel/Line:
1. Rod TICA:
2. Rod Shimano:
3. Rod PENN:
4. Reel TICA:
5. Reel Shimano:
6. Reel PENN:
7. Combo set:
8. Line Daiwa:
9. camera:

We used TICA Rod, Rell, and Daiwa 0.030mm Line.

It is 7 kgs Black crap Big fish in the pond. This is Asian carp fishes. We catch it in a pond. This fish local name is “Black Carp”.
How to catch Asian carp on a rod and reel. Asian carp invasive species.
Scientific name: Mylopharyngodon piceus. This is most popular in Bangladesh fish.

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