Big Fish Market | Wholesale Fish Market | Fishery Ghat


I always prefer fishing, even I love to capture fishing video. Although this video is not about fishing, it attracts me to capture due to huge fish around there.

This Big Fish Market is located at Fishery Ghat, Chittagong, Bangladesh. This wholesale and retail fish market is well known over the country as the fish market has achieved a huge reputation for fish.

This is the gathering place for both fishermen and fish traders even some individual buyers also buy fish from the fish market.

Although fish market is bored for some people due to its dirty smell, fish market is an interesting place for the fish eager who love to see fish as I do. For this reason, not only the people related to fish (buyers or sellers) but also the fish lover gather at Fishery Ghat to enjoy the huge fish.

Thank you for watching this video : )