Breathable generation from Guy Cotten


Breathable generation from Guy Cotten

23 Aug 2016

New HybridPro+ breathable generation from Guy Cotten

New HybridPro+ breathable generation from Guy Cotten

Guy Cotten showcased its new generation of all-weather gear for the fishing industry at NorFishing 2016.

The HybridPro+ range incorporates breathable material into the hardwearing products to help benefit workers in all weather conditions and situations.

Jorge Rodrigues from Guy Cotten spoke to World Fishing & Aquaculture at Norfishing in Trondheim, which took place from 16-19 August, about the development of its new HybridPro+ range.

He explained: “The range is made from a combination of high-tech breathable fabric, highly resistant PVC double-sided coating and comfortable inner fabric.”

“One material can be stitched, the other can be welded, but not together. So we had to come up with a unique solution, a secret, to create our final product.”

Its breathable Dremtech+ fabric and the Nylpeche PVC coating are bound together in an exclusive way to ensure the product is 100% waterproof.

The products, which are all produced in France, now hope to ensure not only protection from wet water conditions outside of the jacket, but inside too. With the breathable material able to reduce sweat and condensation.

A breathable fabric section is placed around the chest area on the jacket and is symbolic by being a different colour to the PVC coating. On the trousers it is placed at the back of the leg, behind the knee, which can also allow for the most accessible movement.

There is also the added feature of a ‘magic’ hood which can be tightened and then turns with the movement of your head. This aims to ensure a fishermen’s view is not impeded at any time, it prevents water ingress to the side of the face and can stay in place even in strong gales.

Available in a range of colours and sizes, the HybridPro+ is on the market for approximately €110-120.

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