Busy times for Inmarsat


Busy times for Inmarsat

31 Aug 2016

Inmarsat at Nor-Fishing in August 2016 Photo: @InmarsatGlobal

Inmarsat at Nor-Fishing in August 2016 Photo: @InmarsatGlobal

Following the expansion of its Fleet Xpress high-speed broadband, Inmarsat had lots to shout about at Nor-Fishing in Trondheim.

Just before the show it signed a deal with Alaskan Leader Fisheries to install its broadband maritime communications service which was launched at the end of March 2016. World Fishing spoke to Gerbrand Schalkwijk during the show about Inmarsat’s latest developments, its on-demand entertainment service and aiming to be the best.

He explained: “We are always working hard to be at the forefront of this industry and this means constantly being on top of changes.”

“Following the commercial introduction of the fourth L-band region, the Fleet Xpress now has even more coverage across Northern Europe.”

Inmarsat has improved its Fleet Media service, which is an on-demand entertainment solution. It means the crew onboard fishing vessels can watch some of the best Hollywood movies, international films, sports and TV shows no matter where they are.

This gives crew members can access the content on a laptop, computer or an iOS or Android smart device via Wi-Fi or physical network connection

The programme ensures an on-demand video experience with hundreds of hours of programming. Keeping the crew informed and entertained – aiming to boost morale on board and help reduce turn over.

Mr Schalkwijk added: “Inmarsat has signed deals to ensure the latest films can be uploaded onto the Fleet Media service before they are brought out on DVD. There is access to over 150 movies and 200 hours of TV which are updated per month. There is also daily news and sport.”

“It is all downloaded to the platform and therefore viewed by the crew ‘offline’ this means there is no delay in steaming or connectivity issues.”

Fleet Media tried to help stop crew members from trying to access films through websites on their own personal devices. This is safer for the vessel and improves the speed of connection.

Aiming to stay on top in the fishing industry, the company also has its Fleet One Coastal service which has been designed to meet the specific operational demands of near-short fishermen.

It delivers data and voice simultaneously through a compact antenna, and operates on Inmarsat’s 1-4 satellites which are tested and proven by commercial marinas.

Mr Schalkwijk concluded: “Access to low-cost calls and emails insures the fishermen can keep in touch with home and boosts general morale. Connectivity is key.”

Source: worldfishing