Call for new fishing net technology


Call for new fishing net technology

29 Sep 2016

Phil Macmullen:

Phil Macmullen: “Seafish was happy to be approached to look at the potential for new technology”

A new report is calling on industry to invest in new fishing net technology to reduce the impacts of bottom-trawling.

Net Positive: Disruptive Seafood was supported by Seafish through the Strategic Investment Programme and delivered by Espersen, Icelandic Seachill, and Nomad Foods.

The report hopes to attract partners and investors – government, private and philanthropic – that can provide the capital needed to take concepts such as autonomous carching devices and improved processing at sea from the drawing board to common practice in the industry.

Phil Macmullen, head of strategic investment, Seafish, said: “Seafish was happy to be approached to look at the potential for new technology to reduce the environmental impact of fishing gear, improve fish quality and take a real in-depth look at how we can innovate in the fish catching process.”

The report follows a workshop hosted at FAI Farms in Oxford UK, which brought together seafood industry actors, scientists and technology developers from across a variety of disciplines.

Alex Olsen, head of sustainability at Esperan, said: “It is vitally important that as an industry we address the negative impact of bottom-trawling. It is amazing that we can put a man on the moon but that we have not developed lower impact fishing techniques. In order to address this issue, we felt that modern technology needs to be integrated into fishing.

Mr Olsenwill be presenting the findings of the report at the Humber Seafood Summit on Wednesday 28 September 2016.

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