Carp fishing france 2015 (Blog 11) Moorland fisheries

the three amigos head off to france


  • great fishing the three amigos – lovely fish!!! 🙂

  • A great watch. Nice account of your week at the great Moorland Fisheries.

  • Nice video guys and looked like a good trip

  • Sheep Shaggers

  • Good video lads, but im not sure it was that hard a week, 4 x 50's, 10 x 40's and a number of 30's and 20's to back that up, sounds like a good weeks fishing between 3 people to me. Always good to watch people going to France and catching so well done.

  • I'd have been happy blanking for the rest of the week after a 50. Awesome trip.

  • Really enjoy your video, looks like a awesome venue, and you boys had some fantastic fish out, , I'm off to cretelakes in June I only hope I have a week like yours, cheers boys