Catfishing in Ponds


If you are an experienced angler, you will know what a great sport catfishing in ponds is. If on the other hand you are keen to start fishing, there is no better way to begin than catfishing in ponds. Do this first and when you find your feet, try bigger bodies of water. Catfishing is not just fun but you get a really good workout trying to pull in a catfish. This fish is muscular and will give you a good fight.

You may think that catfishing in ponds means trying to catch small catfish. This could be true but if you do your research, you will find ponds with very big catfish. Catfish will live long and grow to a monster size if the water remains clean and fresh and there is an abundance of food. Catfish are not fussy. They will eat anything.

If you want to fish for catfish in ponds hoping to catch the big one, whether in public or private ponds, there are certain things you should know about the pond. The best way is to ask other catfish anglers. They will tell about the big ones caught and may even show you photographs of the fish with the proud fisherman holding it up and where on the pond it was caught. Another way is to look at the water. Is the water in the pond clean and regularly refreshed by water running into it? Stagnant water is not the place to catch the really big catfish. You will expect to catch smaller catfish in such ponds.

You can also tell by looking at the water if there is adequate food to sustain the big fish. When catfishing in ponds, spend some time working out where the catfish are likely to be. Look for rocky areas, deeper part of the pond and where there are fallen trees or tree stumps. Catfish like to spend time is holes along the pond bank, or sink holes on the pond floor.

There are lots of advantages of catfishing in ponds. It is also great way to introduce children to catfishing. You can easily fish and catch this fish along the bank or pond edge. You will not need to get or hire a boat as you may do in larger bodies of water. You are likely to catch three species of catfish in ponds: The Channel catfish, Flathead catfish and the Blue catfish. The Channel catfish lives on dead fish and insects. This makes them excellent specie for managed ponds. They are also easy to catch. The Blue catfish is harder to catch. They are larger but fussy eaters and will pose a good challenge for you. The Flheads are big fish found in USA and are great to catch. It is not as difficult to catch as the Blues and they are greedy. They will take your bait and with the right rig, you will have great fun bringing this one in.

Source by Phil Hariram