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Choosing Sustainable Products Like Alaska Seafood

Think that supporting sustainable seafood is not sustainable on your budget? It’s surprising just how many options are out there for people who want a great product that is sustainable. The thing is that not all sources spend the time or money on expensive labels that claim their product to be organic or environmentally friendly. Some just are! Take for example seafood from the icy waters of Alaska. Thanks to special language and regulation in the Alaska State Constitution all seafood must come from sustainable sources. This guarantee of fresh, wild products makes it easy for consumers to decide on the most environmentally friendly product.

When something is sustainable, especially a natural resource, it means that it can be harvested for human use or consumption without destroying the surrounding ecosystem and without depleting the population to below the point where it can independently regenerate. Overfishing has been, throughout history, hard to regulate because the only indication that there was a problem was the disappearance of large seafood species when it was already too late. Today’s laws make sustainable seafood a priority by mixing science, marine biology, statistics, politics and the fisheries themselves into one overall watchdog group. Should there be any trouble, action can be taken to revise quotas, limit or prohibit harvesting techniques, and save the seafood populations before it’s too late. This ensures sustainable seafood not only for today, but the generations of tomorrow.

Besides selecting exclusively safe, sustainable seafood from Alaska, there are other ways to make the right choices. For example, certain chefs, restaurants and food brands exclusively deal with seafood from sustainable sources. The Seafood Choices Alliance is an organization that educates gastronomic professionals about sustainability, and provides information to the public too. There are retailers that support the idea of sustainability as well. Ask questions in your local seafood market or supermarket, or simply go online for fresh, overnight delivery of some of the finest seafood delicacies the Alaskan waters have to offer! Other helpful advisory lists and certifying organizations include Seafood Watch, the Marine Stewardship Council, the Australian Marine Conservation Society, and Ocean Wise. The Marine Conservation Society also provides sustainability guides called “fishonline” which many seafood lovers and industry professionals alike find to be extremely helpful!

Source by Allie Moxley