Cichlid Fish Secrets – How to Take Care and Raise Healthy Cichlids


Cichlids are great fishes to take care at home because of their varying colors and body shapes. They are also quite easy to take care and breed as well. However, like any other aquarium fishes, you also need to learn their specific needs to make them grow into healthy fishes in your aquarium.

Here are a few tips and some Cichlid fish secrets that will help you prepare and make a good start in taking care of these fishes.

– A diverse Cichlid population are found in Africa and South America although there are also those found other Central and North America, and in some parts of Asia and if you want to raise Cichlids in your own home, it is important to learn and copy their natural habitat. Like any other fishes, copying the conditions of their natural habitat is important for them to grow healthily.

Cichlids thrive in alkaline water with a pH of around 7.5 to 8.5, thus make sure your aquarium water is also alkaline with a pH maintained around these values. If the water is acidic, you can bring it down to a favorable pH by adding common soda, crushed corals, gravels or limestone. Cichlids love rocks and in fact, they thrive in rocky environment, thus adding some rocks on the aquarium can also make it more favorable for the Cichlids.

Keep the water temperature between 74 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit. Putting them in the right water temperature is important and you have to avoid putting them under direct sunlight or in places that temperature of the water can be easily affected and can easily fluctuate.

In putting rocks in your Cichlid aquarium, make sure to fix them firmly in place as Cichlids have the habit of digging into the bottom of it and may kill them.

Clean your tank regularly, and invest in a good filtration system if you can. Under-gravel filters may not work with Cichlids as they will end up digging these structures.

When it comes to feeding, it is important to note that different species may have different eating habits, thus it is important to research and learn about the Cichlid species you have.

Although generally, Cichlids are easy to feed and are not picky, they can also eat nonstop for as long as you feed them, and this can result to health problems and even death.

In taking care of Cichlids, you have to take note too that they can also be aggressive even towards other species of Cichlids. If you have a fish tank that has less structures and rocks on it, the Cichlids may think of the entire aquarium as their territory, thus they will fight off other species to guard their territory. To tame this, consider making a set up and adding more rocks and objects in your fish tank to help them mark their territories with these boundaries, and making them less aggressive as well. With a good aquarium set up, you can also add other species in the aquarium without the fear of having them attacked by your Cichlids.

Learn more Cichlid fish secrets to help you master the hobby of raising and caring for these great pets. Of course, raising them healthily can even be more rewarding as well.

Source by Carolyn Anderson