Commission proposes reduced cod quota


Commission proposes reduced cod quota

27 Sep 2016

Landing Baltic cod

Landing Baltic cod

The European Commission has moved to bolster measures for Baltic cod by proposing reduced quotas for both western and eastern cod amounts for 2017.

The quota now proposed for Western cod amounts is 1588 tonnes, down 88% compared to 2016 levels and the quota for Eastern cod amounts to 24927 tonnes, 39% less than in 2016.

It said that the scientific advice received earlier this year recommended severe reductions in fishing to help the stocks recover from their current very low levels.

These reduced quotas are also in line with the newly-adopted Baltic management plan.

The Commission has been talking with stakeholders in the countries most concerned by the expected quota reductions to try to address concerns about income and jobs.

It is looking at mitigation measures to help safeguard livelihoods and in the meantime it is urging the most affected fish producers to consider using EU funding for temporary financial support.

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Source: worldfishing