Cooke Aquaculture/True North Salmon”s idea of a “cleanup” of their broken cage debris


On Jan. 04th, 2018 this site in Jordan Bay, Nova Scotia was damaged by a storm. The cages came apart depositing plastic and styrofoam debris all across the shorelines. Some will never be found. The workers came and took away most of the visible plastic but left the styrofoam behind to deteriorate on the shore. This is Feb. 22, 2018 and this is what we found today. There are still broken cages in the water obviously breaking up more and more all the time. There is never a good plan for a cleanup of these messes. Let nature suck up the garbage. The same way it has to with regard to the tonnes of feces, medications and pesticides used, and feed pellets that go uneaten. It’s an assault on nature and a lousy excuse for a food product. There should be a boom put around the site to contain all the debris as you would an oil spill.