Discover Sea, River Creek Fishing


Discover Sea, River Creek Fishing

The Gambia Tourism and partners are set to host the 3rd edition of The Gambia International Boat Fishing Competition 2016.

touristThe Gambia International Boat Fishing Competition, is an annual event where anglers and other tourists, investors, among others, enjoyed the river cruising and river creek fishing. The four-day fishing competition, which is slated from  Friday, 11th to 16th November, will bring  scores of foreign anglers and locals to compete during the four-day intensive fishing competition. The competition which was introduced in the Gambia not long ago, within a short period of time has become one of the famous events in Destination Gambia. The other importance of the competition is that it  foster  tourism sporting  and fishing as well as showcase the niche Gambian market, thereby consolidating the existing small-scale fishing competition in the country.

It is one of the most attractive and richest fishing spots in the African sub-region. The River Gambia get its source from the Futa Jallon highlands in Guinea Conakry and opens up to the vast Atlantic Ocean thus providing a unique combination of the country’s flora and fauna.

There are many spots in different areas for fishing across the Destination Gambia.

However, the fishing methods for the competition will take the form of live baiting, dead baiting, drifting, trolling and among others and anglers would be provided with live or dead baits or artificial ones depending on their choice of fish predator.

The prized fish includes both fast moving and dormant fish and these are the famous barracuda, golden snapper, the flamboyant cassava fish, captain, tarpon which are all referred to as Silver Queens.

The fishing competition is purposely for fun and leisure and participating anglers will not go empty handed as there are prizes attached to the competition. Annually up to 6000 pounds worth of prizes are won on various prize categories with award. It is a well packaged competition that is on full insurance cover with support from The Gambia Maritime Administration, the Gambia Fire and Rescue Services, Gambia Navy and Department of Fisheries.

One of the long time associates is Fish The Gambia supporting The Gambia Tourism Board and their partners on this international boat fishing competition.

In a nutshell, 11 participants competed in the 2015 competition at various fishing spots located across the Tourism Development Area (TDA). Among them were Nick Westgarth – United Kingdom; Mark Goddard – Germany; Tony Tabbal – The Gambia; Assane Saine – Gambia sponsored by Qatar Embassy in The Gambia; Ousainou Saine – The Gambia as well sponsored to the competition by Qatar Embassy in The Gambia; David Hodgson– United Kingdom; Jamil Tabbal –The Gambia; Sambou Sonko– The Gambia; Peter Mendy– The Gambia; Martin Englefield – The Gambia and Gary Gittins – The Gambia.

The winners of the Gambia International Boat Fishing Competition 2015 were Nick Westgarth of United Kingdom, who emerged first position; Mark Goddard – Germany came second and Tony Tabbal of The Gambia was in third spot. The overall Best Skipper 2015 went to Dembo Bojang of The Gambia.

However, this years’ programme will start with a welcoming ceremony at The Green Mamba Garden Restaurant on Friday, 11th November. The proper four-day competition will take place on Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, 16th November is the competition Award and Gala Dinner Ceremony at the same venue at Green Mamba Garden Restaurant, Kololi.

Fishing spots for the competition this year includes Barra Point, Cape Point, Fajara and Kotu with alternative fishing spot on the river in case the ocean becomes rough. Such spots are Dog Island, Wharfi Njago, and Lamin Lodge.

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