Discus Fish Breeding – What You Need to Know


Discus fish are often called the “King of the Aquarium”. One reason being that it’s a very beautiful and elegant specimen, but also because it has a lot of needs and demands in order for it to be happy. Keeping discus fish is no easy task and you might hear a lot people telling you how they failed to do so.

However, with the right tools and knowledge, keeping discus fish can be extremely rewarding. Discus fish breeding is a popular hobby that can not only make you money if you want to, but that can also be very exciting. After years of breeding them, I still feel like a little child when it comes to witnessing the results: “What will they look like? What color pattern?” They’re very beautiful fish.

1) The first thing you need to decide is whether you want to simply keep them or if you also want to breed them. If you want to be very successful at breeding, a lot of factors will differ from simply keeping them, like the disposition of your tank and its parameters.

2) If you decide you want to start breeding as a hobby, you need to be serious about it. It’s not something you can do magically with ease. You might fail at first but with enough motivation you will succeed and trust me, you’ll love it.

3) Having a professional around always helps. Do you already know someone who breeds them? Or maybe simply someone who works at the pet shop who could help you out when needed? If you know more than 1 person, ask them the same questions you might have and see if the answers differ or not. Hopefully they don’t!

4) In the fishkeeping world, you can find a lot of information about Discus fish. We are in a new generation now and I recommend electronic guides. A guide on your computer means it’s safe, can never be lost and will always be in good condition. You can always print them too! You will find a link at the bottom of the article to a website that recommends and links to the guide I personally use.

As they say, there are mainly 2 e-guides floating around the new but I went with the cheapest one. I don’t regret it as it’s something I go to every now and then. It basically tells you everything you need to know about keeping and/or breeding your Discus fish. From the very start (choosing your tank, setting it up etc.) to the end. Now of course it’s tempting to simply tell you everything I learned from that guide but I wouldn’t feel very honest.

Here are some of the basics I’d tell you from my own personal experience: the size of the tank is not that important. It may simply depend on where you will place it, if there’s enough room etc. It’s about logic: the bigger the tank, the more Discus fish you can fit into it. Younger fish usually like to stay crammed together (but not too much!). Hopefully you also already know that they live in fresh water. As for the decoration, nothing with sharp edges! Discus Fish keeping? Go for gravel substrate. Discus fish breeding? Go for bare-bottom (breeding equals a lot of mess to clean up).

Those are just some random info. You absolutely need a well-written and structured guide that will go step by step and through every single detail. You can lose a lot of time and money if you’re not well prepared.

Source by Gabe Manza