Fish Farming in California

Kent SeaTech is the world’s largest hybrid striped bass farm and California’s largest fish farm. For more information, please visit:


  • Coachella Valley is somewhere at where Palm Desert is and is accessed by going in the direction towards Indio. I plan to visit this bass farm, but traffic is essential. The 91 Express Lanes is your key to a stress free drive as you'll sail along smoothly with a wireless transponder that is scanned and read by an overhead electronic tolling machine and there are no toll booths to stop you or slow you down.

  • It SOUNDS like they're producing fish that are the equal of or, arguably, superior to what can be caught in the wild.

    I really, really, really hope aquaculture, the kind of fish farming that will take the pressure off of wild fish stocks, succeeds.

  • Is this  heat exchanger used in?

    'Thankyou (Under 7 Min Video)

  • what is this fish?

  • I wanna work in a fish farm! But i like in wisonsin and we dont have many here :/

  • I currently work for natures catch in Mississippi, we raise hybrid striped bass in ponds! water temperature makes all the difference!

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  • wear fucking the gloves…