Fish Friendly Frame II – Underwater sea-life – North Stradbroke Island – Depth Perspective


Hello everyone and welcome to another underwater adventure.

We are going back to ‘the well’ with this video and using the fish friendly frame designed and built a few months ago to investigate a few new underwater locations.

We are here at north stradbroke island and we decided to firstly drop the frame off at a bait spot known to local fisherman. This spot is located about halfway between amity point and flat rock.

It’s a popular spot for catching yellowtail which are excellent bait for snapper, moses perch and other larger fish but i’m more interested to see what else is down there.

From my small experience of filming underwater, the fish you catch in a given location is only a small fraction of all that’s down there.

This interesting this about this spot was the larger under of these sptripy fish which we had never caught before. But also here were the yellowtail (Trachurus novaezelandiae) and Paradise Threadfin Bream (Pentapodus paradiseus).

It was interesting seeing all the sharks circle the bait but also it interesting seeing all the large parrot fish down here. You can see that they are more of a bluey-green colour, which helps them camouflage more down at this deeper depth.

The last location was just off Deadman’s Beach and it’s a popular dive location for Manta Diving, the diving company on the Island.

I am not a marine biologist so I have only labelled the sea life that I am 90% sure of. Comment if I have mis-labeled any or if you see something that has not been labeled.

Sea Life in Video

Spot 1 – Bait Spot (1:25)
Paradise Threadfin Bream (Pentapodus paradiseus)
Grassy Sweetlip (emperor)
Yellowtail (Trachurus novaezelandiae)
Bream (Yellowfin) (Acanthopagrus australis)
Moray Eel
Wobbegong Shark

Spot 2 – Flat Rock (3:25)
Sharks – 2 types not sure what species (best estimate – one of the Whaler Sharks)
Tusk Fish (possibly parrot fish)

Spot 3 – Deadman’s Beach (7:00)
Toad Fish
Guitarfish (ray) NOT a Shovel Nosed Shark
Moses Perch (Lutjanus russelli)
Gold Spotted Rock Cod
Green sea turtle
Spangled emperor (Lethrinus nebulosus)

0:00 Dreams – Joakim Karud
1:20 Fragile – A Himitsu
3:00 DJ Quads – Every Morning
4:52 Mike Chino – Childhood
6:52 Sappheiros – Lights
9:50 Chaël – Sparks

Reference websites:
Grassy Sweetlip (emperor)

Bream (Yellowfin) (Acanthopagrus australis)

Tusk fish (possibly parrot fish)

Moses Perch

Gold Spotted Rock Cod

Spangled emperor