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Fish Oil – Acne Relief Can Begin From Within

We call them pimples, zits, and blackheads and they always appear at the most inopportune times, whenever we are going through the teen years, or are well into adulthood. What we are just beginning to realize is how important a role Omega 3 and Omega 6 play in keeping the skin clear of breakouts. Both Omega 3 and 6, contain the essential fatty acids necessary for optimum health, and each should be added naturally to the diet through foods whenever possible, such as cold water fish, flax seeds, avocados, olive oil, sunflower seeds and walnuts. But, did you know you can not possibly get enough of the essential fatty acids from food alone? And our bodies do not manufacture them either. So whether you eat the specific foods for robust health, or use fish oil acne supplements, both together will keep your skin looking clear much better than just consuming Omega 3 from food alone. And you will be maintaining good health both inside and out.

Omega 3 is great for teen skin because it blocks the overproduction of the hormone androgen. Androgen is responsible for increasing the production of sebum, which in turn blocks hair follicles. This is what causes teenage acne and is much more prevalent in males. Herbs are great for acne as well, especially the ones that calm the skin such as chamomile, green tea oil, calendula and witch hazel. Taking an anti-inflammatory such as flax seed or fish oil acne supplement regularly, will prevent pimples from reappearing, because the androgen is blocked and inflammation is reduced greatly.

Eating your way to great health and clear skin is really very simple. Grilled salmon, spinach salad with avocados, diced walnuts and an olive oil dressing are all you need to get most of your Omega 3 and 6 from a food source, but supplementing with fish oil Acne capsules will assist you in getting all the essential fatty acids for restoring skin to a healthy state. It is wise to always remember, good health begins from inside and the outside will show it by giving you a healthy complexion and blemish free skin.

Source by Judy Browne

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