Fish Oil – What Does Fish Oil Do For Your Body?


Fish oil has been used in one form or another for ages and has always had good health benefits associated with it, but what does fish oil do for you that's so good?

Well different fish oils have different benefits, but for the sake of this article I am going to surmise that the reader wants to know about fish oil that contains omega 3. The reason I am going down that route is because this essential fatty acid is becoming incredibly popular because of health benefits attached to it.

And what is also interesting is that those health benefits which have been known by people interested in natural remedies for a long time are now being scientifically backed up, which is incredible because the scientific community more often than not involved with pharmaceutical companies and want to keep their patients on prescription drugs.

So what does fish oil do exactly? Well the first and probably major benefit is that it helps the body stop inflammation. Now on a smaller scale infection can cause things like arthritis, although if you suffer from arthritis I know you would not call it smaller scale but bear with me, and supplements that have omega 3 and high levels of DHA can help fight inflammation and assist in lessening the pain felt by sufferers.

On the larger scale infection within the body can lead to more serious issues such as heart attacks, high blood pressure, strokes and brain disorders, all of which are pretty much silent diseases that sneak up on you because inflammation has no warning signs really. Now the reason that you need to take a supplement or increase the amount of oily fish within your diet is because DHA and omega 3 is not produced naturally within your body, therefore it has come from an outside source and that best outside source is oily fish.

But not only does it appear to help in fighting inflammation but there are new benefits being reported on now in a consistent manner linked with increasing your amount of omega 3 and I will go through some of these with you as well: –

It is now thought that increasing these essential oils can help fight allergies such as food allergies and skin allergies plus it is also believed to be effective against asthma, hay fever and sinus problems.

Another area under study is how it effects the brain. Research is showing that it has a positive effect on memory and learning capabilities while also being shown to be good against depression and learning disorders.

Diabetes – Research is showing that type 2 diabetics who increase their amount of omega3 have less insulin resistance. DHA also plays a positive role in all forms of diabetes.

And the list goes on and on, so if you want to improve your health than it is recommended to take it. However on the negative side as usual there are good and bad supplements that are out there because lets face it when manufacturers make a product they often want to push out the most volume at the cheapest possible price and they see the fish as a commodity to be bought cheaply, which extremely can cause you more problems if the fish is rancid or high in metals such as lead or mercury.

Source by Danny Lewis