Fisherman fears UK will give Dutch 25% of UK waters


Brexiteer fishermen have vented their fury over the possibility of a “referendum betrayal” – with one local fisheries chief revealing his fear that Britain will cave into EU demands and hand over British waters to the EU.

A fisherman has raged at the chance of a “Brexit betrayal” as he vented against the UK Government’s treatment of the fishing industry.

Paul Lines revealed his shock prediction that British negotiators will not pursue the “radical change” British fishermen want and instead give in to EU demands.

Although British proposals to the EU pledge to make Britain an “independent coastal state,” Westminister’s completed post-Brexit fishing plan is not likely to arrive until April.

This morning, Mr Lines, the chairman of Lowestoft Fish Market Alliance, told BBC’s Today programme he was not hopeful about the proposals.

Speaking to Ross Hawkins, he said: “I think our politicians will somehow trade us away for some deal in the sea.

“They will say, the Dutch can have 25 percent of the fish. I think there will be backhanded deals behind closed doors that will completely betray us.”

Peter Aldous, the MP for Waveney, which includes Lowestoft, said he hears predictions similar to those made by Mr Lines every week.