Fishing trawler swallowed up by the ocean


PREVIOUSLY | Fishing trawler runs aground on Lady Musgrave Island

THE fishing trawler that ran aground on reef Lady Musgrave Island will not be salvaged.

A Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority spokesperson said they had worked closely with other marine authorities to respond to a trawler that ran aground near Lady Musgrave Island, including looking at ways to minimise environmental impact.

“As part of these efforts, fuel and other potential pollutants were successfully removed from the vessel,” they said.

“During the salvage effort the vessel was removed from the reef near Lady Musgrave Island.

“Despite best efforts, the salvage company was unable to keep the vessel afloat due to environmental factors and damage to the hull.”

The spokesperson said the trawler was now in about 60 metres of water.

“At this depth salvage is logistically impractical, the wreck poses no ongoing pollution risk, and salvage from this depth could pose additional environmental and safety risks,” they said.

“In light of these considerations, the Marine Park Authority will not pursue salvaging the trawler.”

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However, there could be a positive.

Wrecks and artificial objects in the ocean are known to attract fish.

With the area known for good fishing and snorkelling it’s possible it could become a bit of a highlight for people.

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