Fresh water aquaculture. Which fish to grow?

Fresh water aquaculture. Which fish to grow?


  • Thank you for the information; do you have any idea how much energy is consumed in aquaponic systems? In a small plant?

  • great video for learners

  • turn your mic lower…..

  • Thanks for the info. I was wondering to install a mixed species fish pond (excluding the ones eat others). Have you thought about having marron and some of the vaccume catfishes to clean and add some values? Also even some aquarium species such as Oscar (eaten some countries) seem to be attractive (fast growing and easy to grow) to have in small aquaculture systems.

  • What is the location at 3:47 where you are talking about salmon?

  • you need a microphone

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  • Loved your video. I have not as yet started but look forward to giving it a try. Was looking at your Jade perch can you raise those in Texas.

  • The video is wonderful and very educative please keep it up.

  • good video but could have used a mic. I was actually looking forward to watching but got disappointed with the sound quality.

  • what do you think about Talapia found in northern Qld rivers?

  • thanks mate.

  • What is your stocking density in tanks?