Luoi Cong Trinh Co.,Ltd specialize to supply all kind of golf net, golf driving range net, anti-ball covering sport course net

Korean HDPE golf net is the best one which is used widely in market now

With green color which is suitable with golf course , mesh size 2.5cm as international standard, the content of resins and anti-UV is high.

The strength point of this net is waterproof, nice design, bear the bad weather conditions, durability more then 10 years.

We are using the 4.0 technology with the latest version, 100% of Golf net is imported from Korea, however the price is committed competitively on market.

Golf net which is knowledged as the important part to cover golf course/ golf driving range with the purpose to keep balls in side during playing. Golf net is not only covering but also creating the good view for all space, help players can be comfortable and interesting during the match or practice time, golf course/ golf driving range become more professionally

Supply kind of golf net : Polyeste green, HDPE with turquoise knot … According customer’s requirement and installation, Luoi Cong Trinh will consult the kind of net which will be suitable with the space.

We are one of leading company in supplying and installing golf driving range net, we contribute in installation of more than 90% golf driving range from North to South of Vietnam

The distinctive of Luoi Cong Trinh is to find the new installation technology, keep golf net up and down when there is storm or bad weather, use the materials which is suitable with net in order to improve and increase shelf life of net

Beside above products , Luoi Cong Trinh also undertake processing, wholesale and retail distribution all kind of net related to construction, Industry- Agriculture , Aquaculture , transportation, Furniture, Decoration with wide range of products to meet the different customer’s demand

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