High Tide Seafood relocates, still in city


High Tide Seafood relocates, still in city

MOREHEAD CITY — Johnny Davis’ iconic blue Jeep and his business, High Tide Seafood, have relocated to a new spot in town. 

Previously near the corner of the highways 24-70 intersection, he is now located further west along Arendell Street, directly across from Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Mr. Davis has been selling seafood by the road for the past few decades, in addition to a long career as a social studies teacher at Morehead City Middle School for 39 years. 

Mr. Davis, who had to relocate his business due to a Lidl grocery store coming to the area he formerly occupied on the western end of the intersection, said he is pleased with his new spot.

“I’ve got really good visibility either way,” he said as he motioned to the line of cars going in either direction that had his business in clear view. 

“Just look for the blue Jeep,” he encourages customers, which is the trademark signal of High Tide Seafood. 

While he spoke, a motorist carefully turned his vehicle down the small embankment to his new location, showing one customer had successfully found the new location.

With his Carolina blue Jeep parked toward the front of the lot, with a sign advertising fresh shrimp, Mr. Davis also has several tables and large white coolers set up to show his wares, as well as a small building. 

He said all of his seafood comes from Down East, so it is guaranteed fresh and local. 

At High Tide Seafood, customers can expect to find a variety of fish, shrimp and crab meat. 

In the winter, Mr. Davis says he offers oysters and other seasonally caught seafood.

Starting Thursday, Nov. 20, Mr. Davis will also offer fresh Christmas trees and wreaths. 

A devoted Carolina fan, Mr. Davis said he will offer holiday wreaths that are decorated to reflect various sports teams. 

Additionally, the popular crab pot trees will be available for the holiday season. 

Mr. Davis said his golden retriever, Spartacus, is a big draw for customers who spy the dog “helping out” at the business. 

“People come for miles just to see Spartacus,” he said as he smiled at his dog that was staying warm inside his personal vehicle on a windy day. 

According to a 2004 News-Times article about the last time Mr. Davis had to relocate his business, over the course of his seafood venture, he’s used multiple blue jeeps and has employed more than 100 of his former students to help run the stand while he was doing other work. 

He works hard to maintain the business year-round, even on cold or blustery days, like the ones that have recently swept into the area. 

Mr. Davis said customers can call ahead to see what he has for sale that day. 

He can be reached at the business by calling 252-240-3554, or his cell phone at 252-241-0341. 

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