How Do I Choose the Right Fish Tank?


Decide where you want your fish tank. You should not place an aquarium in front of a window, the direct sunlight will promote algae growth. The stand that you place the aquarium on must be able to hold the weight of a fully stocked tank.

A fully stocked fish tank will weigh about 10 pounds per gallon. Therefore a 30 gallon tank can weigh up to 300 pounds. The best place to put it, is in a room where there is a lot of activity, this allows the fish to get used to people. If the fish tank is placed in a room that has little traffic, the fish will be skittish. Think about this, anyplace you place your aquarium you may have a water spill.

So keep that in mind! What size should you get? The bigger the tank that you start off with, the happier you will be. Fish need lots of space to swim in, and they need oxygen to survive, both will be factors in your decision. Surface area is probably the major influence on the size of the tank.

One inch of fish to twelve inches of surface area is the general rule of thumb. After you have decided where to put your fish tank, and how big it should be. Picking one is actually really easy. You can pick a glass tank. They will not scratch as easily as other types.

Although you will find more shapes and sizes in acrylic. I thank it best that you get a stand that is designed for the tank you are buying. You do not want to take a chance that your homemade stand or other piece of furniture will not support the weight of your aquarium. 30 gallons of water dumped on the floor from a failed fish tank stand will cost more than the price of a store bought stand. The hood is a very important part of any aquarium set up. It provides a variety of jobs. It keeps fish from jumping out, and keeps things from falling in. You do not want to come home and find your favorite fish lying on the floor next to your tank! Your fish tank hood also keeps water from splashing out.

Lastly it keeps water from damaging the light and causing a dangerous electrical problem. There you go: the steps for picking a fish tank.

Source by Joseph Coombes