How It’s Made Fish Farming


  • lol why the he'll is he mixing it with his bear hand

  • this method is too damn cruel. there are many other harmonious ways to fish farming.
    the fish farmers who use cruel method must be punished and their licenses cancel

  • WTF IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE? you could just let them gave babies when they want to jeezz?

  • so your telling me that 90% of fish in the usa is from fish farming … ARE YOU KIDDING ME

  • the smile on that dudes face as he is working those fishies lol

  • Pull cat's legs?

  • R…….A………P………..E………. R.I.P. Little molested fishie

  • action running over management good quietly space.

  • never though I'd watch this

  • gross

  • Wonder how nemo would react to this

  • 3:11 "The trout eat special trout food made of fish meal". That's cannibalism.

  • Geez… the eggs that is coming out of the trout when the trout is being squeezed made it look like the trout was pissing, or it may look like the trout is laying eggs as fast like a machine gun.

  • We is fucked up

  • Poor fish


  • would it be milking a fish at the beginning

  • how sad how they pull those eggs out the belly while thats not neutral >:(

  • Why am I watching this when I can be watching anime

  • The first part is gross!

  • Why don't they make caviar by squeezing the fish belly instead of killing them?

  • stop domingo trata

  • Sexy

  • I wish my job was just sitting around all day and occasionally being force-ejaculated by a farmer's rough, burly hands.


  • Male fish; Ohhh you touch my la la~
    ((Kill me please))

  • does it hurt the fish for the babies to just be pushed out lol. seems painful

  • Well just saw a "Fish Porn" hahaha

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  • this is cruel

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  • that random ass shot of that bird though.

  • 0:55 he's loving it XD

  • 1:12 the fish was all like

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    Man: oh yeah this is the best job ever

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  • Mixes eggs and sperm by hand gg