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Television series that documents how various everyday products are made. How It’s Made is a documentary television series that premiered on January 6, 2001 on the Discovery Channel in Canada, and Science in the United States.

The following program is used only for educational purposes , please respect this and enjoy


  • and a lie

  • this is what they would do to my ancestors so sad kill yaself

  • awesome

  • this where contry? pels tell me

  • Reminds me of when I used to treat my mouth like a toilet. I would hold a bunch of water in my mouth, fold my legs over my head with my bottom up, and take this historical dump into my mouth hole which was now widened into an eager toilet bowl waiting to be filled.

  • I thought they were going to lay eggs forever but it's nice that they let them go

  • does the female egg laid egg by itself? do it hatch with the help of male fish or not? thanks hope for a reply

  • thanks a lot you guys for keeping the lake full of fish… ?

  • Molly?

  • this is not fish farming this is a state fish hatchery. yes, there is a difference

  • Nice Video

  • this is awesome

  • 3:53 EXACTLY look closely theirs 2 dead white eggs

  • I want to have a farm like this.

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  • They look like orbeez

  • Fantastic education video.

  • Aw man. No sex for trout.

  • one of osm

  • Amazing…..!!!!

  • nice and romantic sound of girl

  • R S

    Thank you for sharing this great video. ☺