How To Barbeque Fish


Once you know how to barbecue fish the correct way you'll love cooking and eating fish and seafood on the BBQ. Easy to cook when you know how, get out that BBQ and let's get cooking.

First off, the best type of fish to cook on a barbeque is firm textured fish and seafood such as salmon, cod, monkfish, shrimp or lobster. Hopefully as long as you've prepared the barbeque properly it will not fall apart –

Top Tips for Barbequeing Fish Make sure that the rungs on the grill are clean. There's nothing worse than old bits of food burnt on the grill bars, not only does it leave a horrible taste but it will make the fish stick.

Get that barbeque really hot. If using a charcoal grill, use plenty of charcoal to build a really good fire that will retain plenty of heat.

Let the flames die down until you can see that the charcoal has become white, it should take at least h hour – this is where many people make a critical mistake. You know what they say – Patience is a Virtue – or in this case Patience will help you cook food that you can eat, not the usual burnt offerings!

As long as the fish (or any seafood or meat) is well oiled it will not stick. Of course, it helps if you do not prod it and move it around every 30 seconds, if you do you'll end up with scrambled fish which is not much use to anyone except the cat.

Wait until the flesh is seared before turning it over.

Only turn it over once. The best utensil for this is a wide, thin spatula, big enough to lift the whole salmon or fillet in one go. An alternative is to buy a grill cage, the fish sits inside it and makes the whole turning over process child's play.

Do not salt anything before grilling. This will dry the fish out.

If you're using a traditional Chargrill a good idea is to use herbs or flown wood chips throw on the charcoal to attend additional flavor.

Flavor Tip Barbeque rubs or marinades imp a delicious extra flavor when cooking your barbeque fish. I also like to paint some Thai sweet chili sauce over the fish before barbequeing, this is especially good with large prawn and shrimp and can be purchased at any good supermarket. These easy and simple ideas can help anyone learn how to cook fish on a barbeque.

Source by Cherie Gordon-Eales