How to Breed & Sex – Celestial Pearl Danios in a 10-20 gallon, Nano Aquarium. For Beginers or Pros!


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Here is a link to a video all about caring for celestial pearl danios below…

In this video I will be discussing how to tell the gender of celestial Pearl danios. Commonly referred to as “sexing” your fish , and in this case your CPDs . Also I will be going into quite a bit of detail of the different methods that you can use to spawn baby fry from your adult Celestial Pearl Danios. Be Sure to view my other videos on them for water conditions, habitat and the importance of live micro worms, baby brine shrimp, daphnia or seed shrimp for raising the fry.

I will point out subtle differences between wild stock caught in Myanmar AKA Burma and purchasing line bred fish which may have more vivid colors and variations in patterns, color, finage and body style.

The bulk of the video is discussing thr different types of Fry pens or cages you can use to breed egg scattering nano fish. Along with this, I’ll discuss some of the common problems that may occur when raising fry, such as predation by snails (almost all snails may eat eggs if hungry), shrimp (neocaridina or caridina) as well as the parents or other fish in the tank. Even nano, or micro fish love to chow down on these tiny little baby fish and or eggs.

I’ll also go over the most common methods of encouraging tetra, rasbora, danio or white cloud minnows to lay ans fertalize theor eggs quickly.

We cover questions like what is a breeding mop? How do you tell males and females apart, how do you spawn egg scattering fish, and of course, how do I get my celestial pearl danios to mate (and get the offspring to survive).

Other info includes vegetation, and Fry traps also known as egg catchers or GATHERED, the type you can purchase as big box stores such as petco or petsmart, as well as some DIY ways to breed C.P.D. Thanks for watching, enjoy!

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