How to build a fish pond | Fish farming in Backyard

How to build a fish pond with plastic sheets. how to start small scale fish farm | Step by step procedures for building a fish tank in backyard.
Building a fish pond with plastic sheet is little harder but low cost.
A 200 Gsm silpaulin sheet can last upto 7 years. so its preferable for a artificial fish pond.
Here in this pond i am cultivating Tilapia and nutter


  • awesome video bro…….. all the very best looking forward for much more videos …..

  • best built at a low cost & simple way of construction I liked it , all the best bro..can you please tel me the price of constructing 1 pond.. thank you

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  • Will you share ur number plz to know more abt it
    I am planing to start fish farming

  • how much land required for making this pond

  • awesome stuff but how are goint to aerate the the pond so the fish can have oxygination

  • How to make oxygenation the water, since it is being standstill ?
    How long the silapulin sheet will last? How many fish can be stocked in this pond ?

  • How much is the total expenditure for pond?

  • NICE VIDEO !!! how many months/years approximately this silpolin sheet lasts????
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  • Sir wat is the coast of this pond

  • nice video

  • which type whether need for forming

  • may i know your apox. annual income from this? or just wat price you sell per kg or something?

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  • this is what I am thinking to build for my grow out pond.

  • I think direct sunlight will be hot water

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  • no circulation of running water…. I don't think it works

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  • Sir this pond saltwater will be support

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    your mobile numb plz ..

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  • I would go swimming in it after I made it, before I filled it with catfish of course!

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