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Channa striata, the striped snake, is a species of serpentine fish. It is also known as common snake head, chevron snake and snake murrel. It is native to South and Southeast Asia
Common snakeheads are known as Nga-mu in Meitei, xol in Assamese, shol (শোল) in Bengali,Sheula (ଶେଉଳ) in Odia, varaal (വരാല്)) in Kerala, India; viral/mural/selumural/nedumural (in Tamil: விரால்,முறால்,செலுமுரல்,நெடுமுரல்) in Tamil Nadu, India; Koramenu/Korra matta(Telugu: కొర్ర మేను/కొర్ర మట్ట), India; and Loola ලූලා in Sri Lanka; pla chon (Thai: ปลาช่อน) in Thailand;[8] gabus in Indonesia; haruan in Malaysia;[9] and haloan, aruan, haruan, halwan, bulig, dalag, or “mudfish” in the Philippines.