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How to Fish For Crappie – Blow Everyone Else Off the Water

Want to know how to fish for crappie? In contrast to what everyone thinks you got to have some amount of skill if you want to know how to catch crappie. You can not just go up to a lake or river and expect to start catching crappie. There are some things that you need to be considering when you go on crappie fishing. Is it sunny or cloudy outside? Did a cold front just passed by? What kind of bait should I be using? These are some of the more obvious and important questions that you should be asking when you're thinking of fishing for crappie.

Choosing the right color of the lure is something that many anglers disagree about. Some think it's not a factor in crappie fishing while others will tell you that it can make a difference. You should select the color of the lure depending on the weather and how clear the water is.

If you fish on clear waters, you want to match the lure to the color of the crappie's natural prey. A lure that imitates the light, translucent colors of a baitfish with silver white hues typically work well for crappie fishing.

If you are in murky waters, you just need to remember that your lure should be visible to the crappie. You can also try using lures that vibrate, but what you basically want is lures that are bright colored so it will be easy to see in low light conditions.

Springtime is when many anglers are excited about because the crappie will move into shallow water and this will help you to easily find them. They go on a feeding frenzy during these times but you need to remember to give the crappie what they want to eat. Do not go thinking that it's going to be easy for you to catch some huge slabs of crappie.

You can use artificial worms of several colors because they work great during these times. You can never go wrong using natural colors, or colors that are similar to their everyday diet. If you have no idea what the crappie are feeding on where you are fishing then you can try asking the locals that you think might know.

Crappie will usually ambush their prey just like any other fish in the lake or pond. They will hide and wait until another fish swims by so they can snatch it. So if you spot any brush in the water near by just throw in a strong lure and wiggle it to simulate whatever bait you are fishing.

These are basically some of the things you need to remember if you want to know how to fish for crappie. I hope that these tips have been helpful. Just be patient and keep on practicing so you can be a successful crappie angler.

Source by Dan Bayers