How to Fish Maryland (or pretty much anywhere else)


Video Description: This video outlines the many tools, applications, websites, and other information sources to help you find more and better fishing locations all around Maryland (though many of the tools can be used all around the country as well).

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Links to all the Tools Discussed in the Video:

o Google Earth (Download for Google Earth Application):
o Fishbrain: Use your App Store on your Smart Phone
o Maryland DNR Fisheries Website:
o MD DNR Weekly Fishing Report:
o MD DNR Tide Finder:
o MD DNR Trout Stocking:
o Maryland Angler’s Log:
o Maryland Fishing Hot Spots:
o Maryland Public Water Access:
o El Dorado County Weather:
o National Data Buoy Center:
o Snagged Line Kayak Fishing:
o Fishing Report: Angler’s Sport Center:

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