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Ice fishing safety tips

Ice fishing safety tips

MASON CITY, Iowa- The cold weather we’ve been having lately is good for people who love ice fishing. If you plan on making your way out on the ice, the Iowa Department of Natural Resources provided us some tips on how you can do it carefully.

Iowa Department of Natural Resources natural resource biologist Scott Grummer said people should measure the depth of the ice by drilling test holes. He said the ice depth recommendations for foot traffic is 4 inches, 6-8 inches for ATVs and snowmobiles, and over a foot for vehicle traffic.

Grummer recommended bringing a flotation device and a friend, in case you break through the ice. “Whether that be a life jacket or seat cushion, just in case you would fall through, you have something to keep you up float.”

Colton Richardson of Sully said when he is ice fishing, he wears spiked shoes. “They help you not slip and fall so don’t break something like a body part and they help you stay balanced.”

Richardson said he also makes sure to carry safety spikes around his neck. He said if the ice breaks, he can stick the spikes right into the ice to help pull himself out of the water.


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