Indoors Small Scale Tilapia Aquaculture Farm

This is an example of a small scale 1,000 gallon indoor fish farm. These tilapia will take about 6 months to reach full size of about 1.5lbs. Our goal is to run enough tests with this small scale model to eventually commercialize it to a degree.


  • I wonder if this tool also demands his chicken nuggets be made with wild caught chickens.

  • I would us a flapper to break the water to air rate air bubbles dos not air rate the water the barking of the water surface as the bubble brake the water is how air enters the water so using a paddle wheel on top of the water is the best air ratter for power rate you can use and for heating I would us passive solar hot water heater system with a thermal switch on a pump and Large river rock to store the heat for night time maybe a few dehumidifier help with mold hope this help

  • buy the grey aquaponic – hydroponic air stones. buy at hydroponic store or ebay under aquaponics. they last way longer better aeration easier to clean.

  • your pump should be fine

  • cover the tank to conserve heat and try aquaponics to filter the water…

  • This i a very expensive way in farming an indoor tilapia. You should consider that tilapias are very hardy fish and can survive in very low DO levels. You don't have to put a very strong aeration system and heaters are not very necessary (unless during winter). As for your bio-filtration, the system looks so sophisticated. Mine, I use plastic scrubbers and some pebbles. Everything is also fine. Your system is good in achieving the best conditions, however not the most practical way in raising a hardy tilapia fish.

  • 500 lbs of fish in a 100 gallons of water, lol

  • This stuff is awesome but because it has to be 24/7 tuned on it costs allot

  • why do you use air stones for oxygenation rather than more surface disruption for a waterfall or something???

  • have you considered pasave solar heating as a viable heating source to supplement the way you heat  . . . . . .and or as far as air, have you looked at a fountain or rotating top water circulatory system

  • Is that pool still holding up after all these years?
    Thanks for the video!

  • "Only a 1k gallons." Heh. So that's the same volume in grow space, right?

  • Really small fish

  • This was interesting though unfortunately a silly exercise. Too many mechanical items to go wrong especially the heaters which is what brought his experiment to a screeching halt. Sorry to hear that but I would like to see you keep pushing the envelope. Don't fall in love with technology and use natural resources as much as possible.

  • Super higher dencity tilephiya fishforming,where is it is its located in karnataka.

  • Being indoor, do you have humidity issues?

  • where did you get that giant barre;

  • this shit is BOSS

  • have you calculated cost per pound of fillet including labor?

  • thats epic i need this in my basement

  • can you tell me where I can order oxygen meters like you had.thx

  • what kind of pool is that?

  • what feeds are you using for your tilapia?

  • how much does it cost you in electric each month to keep this running? I am looking to do something similar but in smaller scale.

  • you could by a used solar hot water heater and the pump to operate it would use less electricity than 1 of the fish tank heaters and those old solar water heaters are practically free.

  • can you use the left over waste… for marijuana nutrients?

  • how it came I traying to set 3 pool líke the one u have and a good advice will be good

  • This is my idea of a man cave , cool set up