Innovation Award goes to Scantrol Deep Vision


Innovation Award goes to Scantrol Deep Vision

16 Aug 2016

Scantrol Deep Vision has won the Nor-Fishing Innovation Award

Scantrol Deep Vision has won the Nor-Fishing Innovation Award

This year’s Nor-Fishing Innovation Award has been awarded to the Scantrol Deep Vision underwater camera system for fish measurement and sorting in the trawl.

Norwegian Minister of Fisheries, Per Sandberg, presented the award at the official opening of Nor-Fishing on Tuesday.

Deep Vision is a camera and light system mounted in the trawl that takes images of all fish passing through. The system is currently being used for research purposes where the fish can be measured for size and species without bringing them onboard the vessel and subsequently discarding them.

The system is being developed for use in commercial trawl fisheries where the skipper will be able to program the system for size and species of desired catch. Deep Vision will automatically sort the catch in the trawl so that desired catch goes into the trawl and the rest swims through.

“We are humbled to be awarded the prize and see it as an acknowledgement of the long term development of a system that will revolutionise the way we harvest the ocean’s resources”, said Scantrol Deep Vision’s sales and marketing coordinator, Hege Hammersland-White.

The system has been developed in close cooperation with the Institute for Marine Research and the award money will be used to connect with and discuss the system with the end users in the commercial trawl fisheries.

“The award money gives us an opportunity to invite to a meeting with fishermen to discuss how the system can best be implemented for use in trawl fisheries,” said Ms Hammersland-White.

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Source: worldfishing