Innovative Aquaculture Farming Technology in South Africa
Innovative Aquaculture Farming Technology in South Africa
Our focus is on using the latest international advances in aquaculture technology, combined with a pragmatic `what works in Africa’ attitude, to develop fish farming systems that are cost effective to erect and operate, produce the targetted production volumes and are as simple as possible to manage. Furthermore, we focus on using technology that is sustainable in the long term from the economic, biological and environmental perspectives.
Innovative Aquaculture Farming Technology in South Africa.
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  • muy buen proyecto con muy buena tecnología felicidades en suda frica o gala que se realicen muchísimo mas proyectos

  • Can you send me contakt the firm. Please the email or tephone. thank you

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  • This is amazing and it looks like such a lovely facility!

  • Why do you look like Mandy like this? Brilliant!

  • Awesome technology. Well managed greenhouse farm with complete and strict biosecurity protocol.

  • Tip Top! Aside from the fact that aquaculture is mostly entertained in developping countries, please appreciate that the standards reported in this video are very high by the standards of ANY country.

    Alkalinity subsidy in terms of sodium bicarbonate, calcium bicarbonate or both?

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  • If you need a feeder, feel free to contact us!
    Greatings from Germany FFAZ

  • This is great learning opportunity for us all in Aquaculture projects in sub Sahara Africa.

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  • Often times the most technology advanced aquaculture operations go under while plenty of small scale backyard producers remain profitable simply by virtue of having very low overhead costs. In my business experience I cannot speak for prawns but in the case of crayfish that is certainly true.

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  • awesome system

  • Dropping by to appreciate the innovation of farming in Africa. Look to see fine examples as we have seen in this YouTube video.

  • Aquaculture farming need to focus on increasing productivity, which help to increase sales as well as reachable to most people.

  • Closed down in 2009

  • I will like to visit and subsequent become part of the innovation