Job losses in Grimsby


Job losses in Grimsby

24 Aug 2016

Icelandic Seachill owns the Saucy Fish brand Photo: Icelandic Group

Icelandic Seachill owns the Saucy Fish brand Photo: Icelandic Group

A UK fish processing firm is to cut 86 jobs after losing a contract with supermarket chain M&S because it’s switching to another supplier.

Icelandic Seachill said its deli site in Grimsby would close in March 2017 with some remaining work being transferred elsewhere.

In a statement it said: “We appreciate this is a difficult and sensitive time for our employees, and our priority as a business is to support those affected by M&S’s decision.”

The company originally announced that it had lost the contract with the retailer back in June.

Two years ago it announced a number of job losses after it announced it was stopping its M&S ready meals business because it was now longer profitable.

The company has also been in dispute with a major trade union over plans to adjust overtime payments to staff following the introduction of the National Living wage in April.

Icelandic Seachill produces the award winning Saucy Fish range but apparently this side of the business is unaffected by the loss of the M&S contract.

It’s a major supplier of fresh and frozen seafood, including prawn cocktails, party foods and fishcakes, to UK retailers and is a major employer in the town employing more than 1400 people.

In the UK the seafood business is in ever more serious competition. Just over a year ago, Young’s Seafood, also of Grimsby, lost a £100 million salmon processing contract to Marine Harvest.

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