Keep kokanee fishery at Lake Roosevelt on your fishing radar


Keep kokanee fishery at Lake Roosevelt on your fishing radar

Here is the latest fishing report from Dave Graybill, longtime Eastern Washington outdoor radio host and angler:

I am really looking forward to my next fishing adventure.

My brother Rick and I are going Lake Roosevelt and see if we can find some of those giant kokanee that we caught last year.

There have been a few reports of fish being caught, and Rick is champing at the bit to get up to Roosevelt.

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We will launch at Spring Canyon and start there. We will work our way up the big reservoir if needed. The plan is to run four planer rods, with kokanee attractors on the business end.

I am very eager to get my Kokabow blades and spinners wet again. I had great success with this tackle last year and I expect to do the same this season.

I hope to have some of the new squidder style kokanee rigs Kokabow offers in time to try on this trip. If we can’t find the kokanee I know we will catch some triploided rainbow trout.

The reservoir is loaded with them and they typically average 16 inches or more. They are great eaters, too.

The meat is just a tiny shade lighter than the kokanee, so they disappear as quickly as the kokanee at my house.

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