Krill Oil Vs Fish Oil – The Hard Facts


With media buzzing so much about the benefits of krill oil vs fish oil, it is very easy for a person like you and I to get confused about them. For us, buying a supplement is a function of many factors viz purity, freshness, content of DHA, and last but not the least price.

In this article, I will share with you the facts regarding krill oil vs fish oil that can help you take an astute decision on which supplement to buy.

Krill being lower in the food chain as in comparison to the fish accumulate less toxin, therefore, they are pure as in comparison to the fish. However, with the revolutionary processes like the molecular distillation fish supplement purity is at par with that of krill. I would give equal marks to both the supplements in case of purity.

Both Krill and Fish oil is prone to oxidation, krill supplements use anti oxidants to maintain the freshness of the oil and fisheries take care of the fish itself and extract fresh oil from the fresh source only. Therefore, there is no need to add any preservative to prevent it from oxidation.

Content of DHA:
This factor plays an important role in krill oil vs fish oil comparison. As discussed earlier, Krill is at the bottom of food chain since it accumulates less amount of omega 3 fats. Whereas, fish accumulates more than 4 times the essential fatty acids found in krill. Fish supplement definitely score over krill in case of DHA content.

According to doctors, a healthy person should take approx 500mg of DHA omega 3 everyday. You can get this level of fatty acid with the help of only 2 fish oil gels a day, whereas you to get the same levels from krill supplements you will have to take 10 gels a day.

Do not go by the price of one bottle; compare the monthly requirement per person in the family. Let say, you are a couple and have two kids, then all of you need a bottle of fish supplement for a month. The cost is $ 17×4 = $ 68. (1 bottle of fish supplement costs less than $ 17). Whereas if you take krill supplement you need a whopping 5 bottles per person per month (this is because the level of DHA is very less in krill). This inflates the price to $ 25x5x4 = $ 500. (A bottle of krill gels costs approx $ 25)

I think you are smart enough to understand which one is a better choice for your family and you.

Magazines and websites, which publish the studies of krill oil vs fish oil and endorse the krill gels are definitely paid to do so. You should be smart enough to understand the figures that we just discussed.

Source by Chuck Blake