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Muskie Fishing

At Pine Falls lodge you are just steps away from a few of the greatest fishing trip in Northern Ontario. On one side of the lodge is Lake Murray where you can do Muskie fishing, Northern Pike, Pickerel and Small Mouth Bass. The Muskie is trophy size in this lake, Pike are in the series of 20lbs, and Bass are in the 1 to 5lbs range.

Spring, the time for renewal, and the time for early muskie fishing. At this time of the year muskie are still tired due to colder water, and may be a slight harder to find than in the summer. These are some instructions that should make you more victorious at the end of the day. Muskie fishing can be a funny game. An angler can use many hours beating the water to a bubbles, only to have a muskie finally appear, slowly trailing the bait then slowly disappearing out of sight. Muskie follows a general accident when chasing this majestic beast; however, there are a few actions that can be utilized to turn those snooping fish into solid takers. Try these tips when out on your next hunt and get ready to land your fair split of arrogant size skies.

The muskellunge, or muskie, is a resident species in Ohio and is found in both major drain basins of the state. Traditionally, it was abundant in the bays and tribulations of Lake Trout and in many streams in the Ohio River drainage. At present, it is also found in several trendy fishing lakes around the state including Ontario. A common delusion among non-muskie anglers is that these species often rupture the fishing for other beleaguered fish species in a given lake, such as walleyes and saugers, crappies, etc.

Waking up early in the morning and selecting a lake to fish is not a method that will consistently put muskie in your boat. Researching, and obtaining data form year to year is the way to become successful again and again.

Each lake in Canada has a "peak muskie time" as well as a phase I like to call a "valley". Capitalizing on peak times and avoiding the "valley fishing" is a method that will lead more muskie to your decoy. Lake hopping during their peak periods will likely help you consistently catch fish year round. Avoid the "valley". The "valley" is a period of time on any given lake when muskie populations are sprinkled and hard to catch. Every lake has a "valley" at different times of the year. Knowing what time these "valleys" take place is the key to your success. Stay as far away from a lake in its "valley" as you can. Only fish lakes that are climbing to their crest at any given moment of year.

Source by John Makoon

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