Myanmar: “Aquaculture for Better Life – Invitation to Small-scale Aquaculture-” in Myanmar Language


Introduction of the Project;
SAEP in CDZ, a cooperation project between Department of Fisheries and JICA has started in March 2014. The objective is to improve the livelihood of rural communities by promoting low-input/simple aquaculture techniques. The Project also establishes autonomous extension systems among farmers by rearing “core farmers” toward “Farmer to Farmer Extesnsion Appraoch”, who are local seed producers, to supply healthy fish seeds as well as to disseminate technical information to their neighboring farmers in the Central Dry Zone of Myanmar.

Introduce the benefits of small-scale aquaculture in order to increase the intention of potential farmers to start small-scale aquaculture. The farmers were interviewed about when and why they started aquaculture, benefits about aquaculture, the current situation of aquaculture. The major benefits mentioned by the farmers in the interviews were about earning major/extra income and for family consumption. Many farmers said they started to get profit by getting technical knowledge about aquaculture as well as proper fish seed through the Project activities.