New Moana vessel launched in NZ

New Moana vessel launched in NZ

19 Sep 2016

The Santy Maria was launched in Nelson on 1 September

The Santy Maria was launched in Nelson on 1 September

A new state-of-the-art vessel has been built for fisherman Roger Rawlinson as the first vessel in Moana New Zealand’s AUS$25-30m fleet renewal project.

Designed by Australian company OceanTech, Santy Maria was constructed by the Aimex Service Group in Nelson, New Zealand.

It is specifically designed to be more fuel efficient, power and stable, as well as aiming to improve productivity and minimise the environmental impact of trawling.

Steve Sullivan, Aimex managing director, said: “Building the boats in Nelson and investing in training will provide a sustainable foundation for the business itself and the local economy as a whole in the long term, as well as the commercial fishing industry.”

He added: “The Santy Maria is a testimony not only to the skills and engineering experience of the Aimex team, but also to the strong partnerships and collaborative working spirit with all the supporting businesses that have brought the vessel to life.”

The vessel will lose cutting edge Precision Seafood Harvesting (PSH) technology, the system corrals the fish in the water, meaning that they are in a more rested state when they are landed on the vessel.

Santy Maria has also been designed with advanced bird protection measures, it stores offal on board to be released when it is not trawling and releases it below the water.

It has synthetic hydraulic fluid which breaks down in seawater alongside biodegradable lubricant on the wire ropes that pull the nets from the water.

The Moana fleet renewal project is a key part of Aimex’s recently launched Maori Youth Development Programme which is designed to provide the opportunity to gain hands on experience in the marine engineering industry.

This development contributed to the economy and provided additional training and job opportunities for young people in the local area.

Santy Maria was launched in a traditional ceremony in Nelson on 1 September 2016.

Source: worldfishing