Newbuild aquaculture workboat


Newbuild aquaculture workboat

22 Aug 2016

An aerial view of 'Venetia'

An aerial view of ‘Venetia’

UK-based Meercat Workboats has sold a third aquaculture vessel to Dawnfresh, a large player in the Scottish aquaculture business.

MC26, named Venetia, is an aquaculture specific workboat which will be delivered to Scotland later this month.

Jamie Lewis, Meercat’s managing director, said: “The sale of MC26 to Dawnfresh really is great, great news. We’ve worked hard to market Meercat workboats in both Scotland and to the aquaculture sector.”

“The fact that Dawnfresh are now on their third boat is both positive testament to the product and also the industrial application. Meercats are perfect for aquaculture.”

Venetia is a 15m x 6m monohull workboat designed and principally engineered for aquaculture. The vessel is built to UK MCA workboat code of practice CAT 3 and displaces 44T with a deck loading of 10Tm2. 

The vessel is powered by two Doosan L136 Ti 460Hp engines with a Beta-Marine 21kVA 50Hz generator. 

Its cargo capacity is 20T and the vessel is equipped with a HEILA HLRM 25/4S (1600kg at 12.62m) deck crane and a North Sea CW50 5 tonne tugger winch.

The vessel will be one of the last workboats to be built at the Meercat’s current premises prior to the business’s move to Hythe, at the Northwest end of Southampton Water in Hampshire, UK.

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