Northern Ontario Fishing


In Northern Ontario, there are typically three types of water. Some lakes are so beautiful that you can see the base 80 feet down. Other shallow lakes can me dark or muddy for days or weeks after a big hurricane. Many lakes have a wine-red color, which is caused by dissolved iron in the water. With plain water, the red and silver color works finest. With dirty or iron-rich water, a yellow Five-of-Diamonds Daredevil seems to work enhanced. In grubby or iron-rich water, rattle baits are even improved as the pike can find the allure by sound.

At Pine Falls lodge you are just steps away from some of the supreme Northern Ontario fishing trips. On one side of the lodge is Lake Murray where you can fish for Muskie, Northern Pike, Pickerel and Small Mouth Bass. Also with Northern Ontario fishing you can have the benefit of a variety of fishing at pine falls lodge. The most accepted species are Northern Pike, Walleye, Lake Trout, Large and Smallmouth Bass, Muskellunge "Musky", and Perch.

Fishermen from across Canada and the United States come here for Northern Ontario Fishing in Temagami and the many protected lakes of the Marten River and Temagami areas. In this calm, setting. relaxation, good fishing and a appetizing shore lunch are guaranteed. Walleye (Pickerel) is king in Marten River and reigns best from the opening in May, through the Summer and into Fall. The many isolated lakes of this area are also well stocked with Northern Pike. Splake, Lake Trout ,, Smallmouth Bass and Perch. Weather never deters a gritty fisherman and we'll fish where there are fish. We are well aware that many fishing holiday has been blemished by a stable struggle with faulty equipment or mechanical problems. So we take pleasure in keeping all of our equipment and services in good working order.

Source by John Makoon